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There are a total of 11 clubs in the Leicestershire Area, all with qualified insured coaches and registered with the British Judo Council.





Judo is known for its spectacular throwing techniques, but it also includes numerous techniques for controlling an opponent while on the ground, including ground holds, arm locks, chokes and strangles.

Judo is practised for many different reasons such as exercise, self-defence or as a social activity. It promotes flexibility, develops speed and co-ordination, strengthens the cardiovascular system and promotes balanced muscular development.


J                                                                    Judo is a great exercise routine for all the family.












































Costs vary between clubs but most clubs charge around £3.00 per session and some offer free taster sessions. There is no need to have a gi (judo suit) before you start, a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms will be adequate





Due to the pandemic, please contact the respect club coach or you can contact us through this website and we can tell you all you need to know in order to get started.


Welcome to the Leicestershire & Northants Area

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